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Beauty Tips, Accents And Sex: A Buffet Of Amusing Tidbits

September 5, 2012

While I am not a trivia aficionado, I do enjoy the odd bit of interesting information.  I found several blogs on a neat site called Mental Floss – “Where Mental Junkies Get Their Fix.”

The first deals with beauty tips from 1889.  Now I understand why the women’s hair in those old photos wasn’t shiny and fresh looking. The beauty gurus for 1889 advise “Water is ‘injurious’ to the hair. Instead, wipe ‘the dust of the previous day’ away on a towel. You can also brush your hair during any long, idle breaks in the day. 30 minutes is a good hair-brushing session.”

And forget facial skin care, washing your face is a no-no. Take a look at these fascinating and at times disgusting tips at

The next blog is an entertaining article on when and how we Americans lost our British accents, although remnants remain in both the North and South.
Finally, for inquiring minds who want to know, there is an enticing blog about 17 synonyms for sex from 1811.  Today we have “hooking up.” In the 19th century it was called a brush or a tiff.  And then there was the blanket hornpipe…..  You won’t find this in Fifty Shades Of Gray.
This is just a sampling of the gems you will find on this site to enlighten your mind and fill it with irresistible tidbits.
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